Get Wi-Fi outdoors and camping with this portable mini router

Tired of not getting the signal right when you’re spending the summer at camp? Going on outdoor excursions as soon as the weather permits and want Wi-Fi to keep in touch with the outdoors? Mission LTE’s telecommunications service has the solution to all of these problems. In the list, mobile router, SIM card and mobile data without expiration date to accompany you everywhere and everywhere.

Unless you’re specifically looking to disconnect or do a digital detox, accessing the internet while camping can come in handy,

Whether it’s keeping in touch with the outdoors, playing games before bed, or video calling family, you never know when it might come in handy.

Unfortunately, in many situations, Wi-Fi, an Internet connection, a good network, and camping just don’t mix.

Good news, while Mission LTE, the same local carrier I’ve been telling you about having country house internet without breaking the bank, once again has the solution to this problem.

Why do we get bad internet when camping?

Network signal quality depends on many factors, especially when camping.

In wild camping, it could be for example because the distance between our devices and the nearest cell tower is too far, which weakens the signal.

On camping ready sites, it’s basically the same thing, but with the main router it’s often placed at the front desk or in a central shared organization.

If there is a router in reception and the password is given to all the campers, there is a good chance that the network is too busy for everyone to benefit from a decent connection speed.

Add to this the natural environment, such as trees, mountains, and buildings that can block waves and absorb the signal, and you get a cocktail that can significantly reduce the range of the Internet while camping and in nature.

How to get internet in a motorhome, RV, or anywhere else in nature

Quebec Mission LTE has several tricks to allow us to get good internet while camping, no matter what installation we’re on.

First there InHand CR202Compact, easy-to-use 4G mobile router. We plug it into a wall socket, USB-C, it also has its own battery and therefore allows us to take it outside our trailers and use it, for example, around the fire to play music or on a hiking activity to keep in touch, etc.

It gives us high speed cellular access to 4G and LTE CAT6 networks of up to 300Mbit/s depending on available speed and coverage wherever we are.

Supports up to 30 connected devices for 8 hours of continuous use thanks to its 5000mAh battery. Let’s say for camping and outdoors this is more than enough. You should still enjoy nature! Antennas also have better performance, so they act more as an all-in-one device.

Other than that, Mission LTE also offers Industrial model IR302. The latter can also be connected via USB or wall socket only, so for users who don’t want to use it outside their facilities, it offers very satisfactory performance.

MissionL LTE stands out by offering “triple packages” where everything for camping is included.

Note that for everything to work when you’re abroad, you need to have a data plan and a SIM card to put on the router.

Specifically, where the Mission LTE offering is interesting is that they offer what they call it “triple beams”. This includes everything you need, router, micro SIM card and mobile data across Canada, with no expiration date.

We can equip ourselves with 10, 25 or 50 GB, depending on our needs and budget. Of course, it’s nice to give the first time between $383 and $558 depending on the data you want, but after that, you’ll be equipped for the long haul.

After that you can buy Data recharge On their site from $75 for 10GB to $250 for 50GB, but at least the router can only be bought once.

To go ahead and prepare yourself for camping, discover USB flashlights and rechargeable lights to carry around in nature as well as the full range of technological devices for outdoor enthusiasts.


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