Germany: Towards restricting the freedoms of the unvaccinated?

“Vaccinated people certainly have more freedom than unvaccinated people.” This is what Helge Braun, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, told the newspaper picture on sunday Posted on Sunday 25 July. With the epidemic resuming due to the two-week delta variable, Germans may face new restrictions if infections persist. And unlike France, these things may concern all non-vaccinated people, including those with a negative PCR test.

Currently, Germans who have been fully vaccinated or have recently tested negative are allowed to go to public places such as restaurants, cinemas or gyms. However, if infection rates continue to rise, unvaccinated people may have to reduce contact with them. According to Helge Braun, “This could mean that places such as restaurants, cinemas and stadiums are no longer accessible, even for unvaccinated people who have been tested, because the risk is very high.”

It was a good start to the summer for Germany, which had a low infection rate compared to its European neighbours. But due to the highly contagious delta variant, cases have increased dramatically over the past two weeks. Angela Merkel said she was concerned about the “clear and alarming dynamic” of the increase in cases. She especially encouraged the Germans to vaccinate. This Sunday, July 25, 60.8% of them received a first dose, and 49.1% received two doses.

Therefore, Angela Merkel chose a health strategy different from that of France by not thinking about compulsory vaccination of a part of the population. Jens Spahn, Germany’s health minister, said in early July that if the epidemic resumed, vaccinated people would not have to undergo a new full containment, and that they would enjoy more freedoms than the unvaccinated.

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