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Germany under cover. In the face of height “Accelerating” Contaminations and a new variant ‘Much more lethal’ From Covid, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced early Tuesday morning a new lockdown for her country during the Easter holidays. Most stores will be closed, and church services will be canceled from April 1-5. Outdoor gatherings and catering will be prohibited.

Vaccines in France. The Minister of Health, Olivier Ferrand, announced on Monday during a trip to Eason the implementation. “At least 35 places vaccination, “They are deployed by both the army and the firefighters on the national territory.”, Without giving further precision in the history. Target: “The French are vaccinated on a large scale” From April, in order to get out of the Covid-19 crisis.

Sexism in the Sports Press. Canal + was accused on Monday of censoring a documentary about sexism in the sports press to protect star columnist Pierre Menes. The sports columnist, who was invited on C8 on Monday evening, said he does not remember it, referring to the #MeToo period, before expressing “regret” for his past behavior against the sisters. Online media reported that the parts that implicated him in two sexual assault cases have been removed from the final documentary the days.

Uyghurs and sanctions against the Chinese. On Monday afternoon, the European Union, followed by the United Kingdom and Canada, imposed sanctions (visa bans and asset freezes) against four Chinese officials for persecution of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. This is the first time since 1989 and the suppression of the democratic movement in Tiananmen Square that the European Union and the United Kingdom have decided on sanctions against Beijing for human rights violations.

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Colorado shooting. Twelve people, including a police officer, were killed in a shooting that occurred Monday afternoon in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, the US police chief said Monday. The suspect was arrested, who was injured during a police intervention.


Polling in Israel. More than 6.5 million Israelis were called to the polls on Tuesday for a fourth election in less than two years. The ballot, once again, is like a referendum for or against Benjamin Netanyahu, in power for twelve years, who can once again count on ultra-Orthodox voters. A fight is being played on the right, it tells our reporter right away.

A trial in Marseille. In the aftermath of the illegal carnival in Marseille, at least four people will be tried on Tuesday for immediate appearance on charges of “violence against persons in public power”, as indicated by the public prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille. The prosecution also said that an investigation had been opened into organizing the celebrations.

New rules for canteens. To reduce Covid-19 pollution in the workplace, restrictions on company canteens are about to tighten. according to ParisianGovernment members met with the social partners on Monday to lay down new rules on Tuesday. Employees in particular should have 8 square meters of free space around them when they eat, while canteen tables today can hold up to 4 employees.

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Vaccination strategy: does the government have the means to achieve its ambitions? To stop the Covid epidemic, the CEO relies on speeding up injections and targeting herd immunity for the summer. But doctors and pharmacists are still experiencing shortages, due to insufficient deliveries in laboratories.

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Under the varnish, Marine Le Pen has nothing de Gaulle. Jean-Philippe Tanguy, a former spokesperson for Debout la France, on Monday launched a small structure aimed at supporting the National Caucus. One way, for her boss, to normalize her movement a little more is by showing herself with followers of the general’s thought.


Hatake, multiplayer. Protein singer, which the series revealed Valid And with song AngelaHe released his first album.

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