Gerbis: The station will host the tourism office and co-working space

In fact, the unoccupied premises of the building are given a second life. “The project was already in place before the Call for Projects was launched, but it is very good to know that we have been selected,” confirms Mayor, Jacqueline Gallant (LB), although she was somewhat surprised that we were not notified of the Government’s decision. “Part of the building had been vacant for several years and we didn’t want it to become a blight.”

So an agreement was signed with the Swiss National Bank. “She wanted to rent the building. In order not to become a thing or not to risk leaving the premises with abandonment, we signed an agreement for the annual rental of the premises. At the same time, the call for projects was launched and we submitted a dossier.” He is finally the one who will occupy a part of the building in order to organize his consultations there.

“He was the one who used to occupy a room in our nursery but we needed it. Since then, the office has rented a building along the road to Ath but it wasn’t the most practical. So this is good news for the families.” In the Salle des Pas Perdus, a tourist counter will be set up. “We are not supposed to take on the role of the Swiss central bank but if we can provide some information to the citizens, that is a good thing.”

A co-working space will also be reserved. “The station area is in full development. There are new homes and new flats under construction, a dance studio, a medical center, etc. Things are going pretty well and the goal of the call for projects is specifically to boost service offerings in rural areas.” A goal fully achieved with this project that could become concrete by the end of the year.

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