Gerard Lopez in the US to speak at Fortress and King Street? – Girondin

This is information from 20minutes and Clement Carpentier. Girondins de Bordeaux president and club owner Gérard Lopez had spent the week across the Atlantic speaking with Fortress and King Street creditors of the Girondins de Bordeaux.

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Check out the Ligue 2 plan

The financial plan for FCGB’s Ligue 2 is to be drawn up by owner Girondins de Bordeaux with King Street and Fortress investment funds. That’s what Gerard Lopez does according to 20 Minutes and Girondin’s chief entourage.

In addition, the businessman’s environment denies any possibility of deviation in the media columns: “The reality is clear, if the club survives this relegation, they will still be here next season. The rest is just turmoil and in any case, it’s already too late to change it.”

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