George Floyd urges prosecutor to “call for help on his last breath”


George Floyd “called for help on his last breath” before policeman Derek Zhou died on his knees, according to the indictment against a former agent accused of killing an African-American forty on the 25th. May 20, 2020 in Minneapolis.

Was Derek Souv responsible for the death of George Floyd? On Monday, April 19, the prosecution and defense provided the last chance for the U.S. police officer to mark the scales in the investigation, before deliberately leaving the arbitral tribunal in strong tense after a new police offense.

On the government side, there is no doubt. George Floyd “called for help on his last breath” before police officer Derek Zhou died below the knee, Deputy Attorney Steve Schleicher told the arbitral tribunal on charges against a former agent accused of killing a 40-year-old Afro-American in May. 25, 2020 in Minneapolis. “George Floyd begged until he could not speak,” he said. “It was a little pity no one showed up that day,” he said.

“The agent did not help him”

Derek Chuvin, a 45-year-old white police officer, is under investigation for murder, manslaughter and intentional violence, leading to the death of George Floyd, who was arrested for petty crime. For more than nine minutes, he rested one knee on the neck of the forty-one, he lay on his stomach, his hands bent behind his back.

The death of George Floyd sparked historic anti-racist protests and waves of global outrage against police brutality. “He called for help on his last breath, but the officer did not help him, and the accused relied on him,” the attorney recalled, saying the officer broke the Minneapolis police code using force.

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“George Floyd was not a threat to anyone, he was not trying to hurt anyone,” he said. “He was not questioned because the accused was a police officer,” but Steve Schleicher said he was “being investigated for what he did.”

Eric Nelson, Derek Sue’s lawyer, will speak after Steve Schleicher. It remains to be seen whether he and the seven defense witnesses were able to sow doubt in the minds of the arbitral tribunal. Police sentences for murder are so rare that judges tend to give them the benefit of the doubt.

According to Eric Nelson, George Floyd died of a heart attack, worsened by ingesting fentanyl, an opioid and methamphetamine, as a stimulant, and inhaling the fumes he exhaled while lying on the floor. The former police officer used legal procedures to defeat and humiliate a person who was fighting,

Witnesses spoke of an “hostile crowd” that represented a “threat” and diverted the police officer’s attention from George Floyd’s fate. Derek Suev, he declined to comment, did not testify that he was guilty of using the rights of any person charged in the United States.

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