George Floyd: The police trial gets to the heart of the matter under tension

The trial of the white cop accused of killing George Floyd becomes difficult Monday in a heated Minneapolis, nearly a year after the death of an African American that sparked historic outrage against racism in the United States and around the world.

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Derek Chauvin, 45, including 19 from the Minneapolis Police Department, is charged with manslaughter and manslaughter. On May 25, 2020, for about nine minutes, he was on his knees on his forty-year-old black neck, pinned to the ground and handcuffed.

George Floyd’s ordeal was filmed and uploaded by a bystander. The images spread around the world and brought crowds to the streets of New York, Seattle, Paris and Sydney to denounce racism and police violence against minorities.

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“Comment pouvez-vous regarder cette vidéo et dire que Derek Chauvin n’a pas commis un acte criminel qui a tué George Floyd”, an affirmé dimanche devant la presse Ben Crump, l’avocat de la famille Floyd, dénonçant “une exécution commise In broad daylight. “

It is the famous African American attorney from this large city in the north of the United States, Jerry Blackwell, who must speak on behalf of the prosecution from 9 a.m. locally, in a public building that has turned into an established camp for this extraordinary trial that should last three or four weeks.

The authorities called for “peaceful and quiet demonstrations” to take place during the trial, while the protesters are scheduled to meet in front of the court on Monday morning.

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Prosecutors will try to show that Derek Chauvin, who appears to be free, has shown contempt for George Floyd’s life, by maintaining his pressure even though he has said twenty times “I can’t breathe”, that he fainted, and her pulse was finally cut off. .

Instead, Eric Nelson, Derek Chauvin’s attorney who pleads not guilty, will instead ensure that the police officer was satisfied with following authorized procedures to control the rebellious suspect and that he was not responsible for the death of George Floyd.

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In-depth reforms

The forties, who had suffered health problems, were supposed to undergo an overdose of fentanyl, a potent opioid whose effects were found at autopsy.

Ben Crump replied on Sunday, “What killed George Floyd was an overdose of excessive force.”

The pandemic requires that the trial take place without an audience, but the sessions are broadcast live and many Americans must follow them.

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The verdict is expected in late April or early May. The twelve jurors will have to rule unanimously, otherwise the trial will be considered null. This scenario, or acquittal, could lead to new riots in Minneapolis, which actually broke out in late May.

“We pray for justice for George Floyd by holding Derek Chauvin criminally responsible and that this sets a new precedent in the United States,” Ben Crump said.

Prosecutions against police officers for violence committed in the performance of their duties are in fact extremely rare and convictions even more.

Minneapolis City Council, which decided to deeply reform the police force, agreed in mid-March to pay George Floyd’s family $ 27 million in compensation to end his civil complaint.

“I have a big void in my heart, it cannot be filled, and no amount of money can.” George Floyd’s brother, Philones, said Sunday.

Derek Chauvin’s attorney criticized the agreement, which he said could affect the jury.

Also due to Covid, the other three police officers involved in the tragedy, Alexander Koenig, Thomas Lin and Tu Thao, will be tried in August for “complicity in murder.”

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