George Clooney soon as President of the United States? The actor reveals what he plans for the next twenty years!

Does George Clooney still have political ambitions? A few years ago, when the actor was just beginning his campaign for Darfur, some observers envisioned a future for him in Washington. On October 10, the influential man finally confirmed that he would not run for president. And that’s because “I would really like to have a good life”.

In an interview with Andrew Marr, journalist at BBC, he admitted that as he got older, he made the decision not to load his schedule too much. A year after being hospitalized for massive weight loss, a star eleventh ocean He explained:I turned 60 this year, I talked to my wife (Attorney Amal Alamuddin, Editor’s Note) and we worked a lot. I told him we should consider these years happy years.”. And to add:We have to make sure we enjoy these years and live through them in the best possible way.”.

George Clooney, the father of twins – Ella and Alexander – realized that in 20 years he would be 80. He resigned:No matter how much exercise you do, and what you eat, you are still 80 years old.”

But this approaching retirement should not prevent the star from having an opinion on the state of his country … as an ordinary citizen. After 4 years as Donald Trump, this ardent Democrat also believes: “There are a lot of things that need to be fixed and healed, and it will take time‘.But she would be without him.


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