Gemilio’s multimedia space should be operational in May – Gemilio

The development of the multi-media and functional space, rue du Calvaire, is drawing to a close. In fact, Coquil pours the last coatings before mounting the machine.

Tested by the SNCF, this multi-modal space aims to provide transportation for people who require transportation without transportation.

Diverse and varied proposals

A bus shelter will be constructed with tourist information boards that will act as a relay point between a potential bus and the person requesting a ride.

One or two electric cars that can be driven without a license but with a BSR will be provided for one-year testing with electric charging stations.

Secure bike storage boxes with recharging capability for electric bikes will be installed as well as external brackets to secure the bikes. There will be an additional ten parking bays with a vegetable ground.

One year experience

The purpose of this experiment is to allow people who request it to travel for various needs, including providing groceries.

An evaluation will be conducted by the SNCF after one year of operation. After that, the structure must be returned to the municipality free of charge.

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