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“There are no rules in the EU,” Nigel Farage told GB News

Brexit Godfather Nigel Farage appeared on Dan Wooden’s GB News, talking about the continued influx of immigrants crossing the channel. Mr Farage, 57, Emmanuel Macron, recommended that the UK return to the decision it made in 2016 when British voters decided to leave the European Union.

He said: “There is little payback to Brexit going on here, listen to my words.

“They appreciate our hard work.

Nigel Farage said the French president would not come to the negotiating table unless Priti Patel took a tough stance.

He told GB News’ Don Wooden: “The only way to prevent this is to prevent anyone on this route from staying or seeking refugee status – even if it’s real.”

Farage, who has his own weekend show on Britain’s new news network, admitted it would be tough.

“It’s the hardest thing to do,” he added.

‘Brexit repayment’ Nigel Farage calls Macron and asks UK to pull boats (Picture: GB News)

Farage appeared on GB and talked about the continued influx of immigrants crossing the channel. (Picture 🙂

But the former UKIP and Brexit party leader later said the UK government should aggressively return the rubber dinghy to the galley.


“It will completely confuse the French and the people of Brussels.”

Following the tradition of his 20 years of anger against the European Union, the former MEP insisted that returning the boats to France would drive Brussels and France insane.

He also suggested that the United Nations may be outraged by the decision.

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However, Farage was adamant that the move would “bring the French to the negotiating table”.

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Emmanuel Macron

Farage, 57, has been nominated by Emmanuel Macron to return to the UK for a referendum on Brexit. (Picture 🙂

Nigel Farage Parties Brexit

Mr. (Picture 🙂

He reiterated his proposals: “Kalais pulled the boats into port and said, ‘You are a safe country, come back to you.’

Farage said that after the arrival of immigrants in Britain, there was a “torture process” in which the authorities registered the asylum claim.

He added: “In the meantime, most of them are running away and they are disappearing.”

“They go into the illegal economy and, of course, think they came to Britain – you know – Dick Whittington’s dream of dilapidated streets.

“It is true that they came to Britain and ended up in modern slavery.”

The 57-year-old warned that the UK had no choice but to reduce the number of migrants crossing the channel.

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Cano failure

He described Kano’s defeat as an “invasion”. (Picture 🙂

“If you want, you can put the whole Royal Navy in the channel, you can add border guards, you can add lifeboats, you can add whatever you want, you can put RAF in the channel. You can set up drones, you can do whatever you want, every time a ship crosses British waters it makes no difference. 38 per week and three square meals a day to spend money, ”he said.

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In recent days, bad weather has contributed to a decline in the number of daily settlers off the coast of Kent.

But Farage, who failed to represent voters in the South Thane seat in Kent in 2015, predicted the number would rise soon.

He described Kano’s defeat as an “invasion”.

When admitted to using such language, Farage said: “We’re actually landing dinghies on the beaches of Kent, and people are fleeing to the countryside.”

Definition point

Farage got into trouble in 2016 when he released the “Breaking Point” poster. (Picture 🙂

“What other word can you use?” He asked.

Farage has suggested that the number of immigrants coming to the UK in 2021 could reach 30,000.

This is similar to the number of people living in Whitestep on Kent Beach.

Leave Brexit-backed politician. He got into trouble in the 2016 poll when he released the EU’s infamous “Breaking Point” poster.

Last week, the anti-Brexit group, led by the Donkeys, launched a campaign to attack companies advertising on GB News.

In one of the recent billboards, Led by Donkeys suggested that these companies “paid” Nigel Farage to attack the RNLI Lifeboat crew.

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