Gary Lineker’s comment wreaked havoc on the BBC

There appeared to be no way out of the crisis in sight on Sunday, two days after the whirlwind caused by the announcement of the suspension of the former footballer and presenter of the hugely popular show. Match of the day.

BBC sports programs have been turned upside down for the second day in a row after several consultants and commentators defected. symbiosis by Mr. Linker. On Saturday, several football shows were canceled at the last minute after those backers refused to work, forcing the BBC to apologize to its viewers.

Gary Lineker, 62, was sacked on Friday after he criticized the Conservative government’s bill to prevent migrants arriving across the English Channel from seeking asylum in the UK, a plan denounced by the United Nations.

Blackout at BBC SportSunday address Sunday Express While the case was still in the headlines, in the context of a highly tense debate over immigration and frequent criticism from the British right over the BBC’s alleged bias.

On Twitter, where he has 8.8 million subscribers, he denounced Gary Lineker A harsh policy targeting the most vulnerable, with language similar to that used by Germany in the 1930s.

Gary Lineker, aka Mr. Nice – good For his impeccable conduct throughout his career he is used to express his progressive political positions, particularly with regard to the reception of refugees.

The former striker, with 48 goals for England, has not publicly responded to his comment but repeated this week that he fully bears his words.

On Saturday, he traveled to Leicester, his hometown where he began his professional career, for the Foxes’ game against Chelsea in the Premier League.

Leicester supporters showed their support for broadcaster Gary Lineker’s loss of their team’s game on Saturday.

Photo: Reuters/Andrew Bowers

Gary Lineker adore match today, But he will never go back on his wordssaid his son, George Linker.

The BBC’s impartiality is under scrutiny

On Sunday morning, Britain’s finance minister, Jeremy Hunt, said he wanted to The BBC maintains its reputation for independence and impartiality.

When you interview me, people should know that you are doing it on behalf of the public, not for political reasons.He said.

The BBC is regularly attacked by Tories, who accuse it in particular of covering Brexit in a biased manner and of caring more for urban elites than for the working classes. The government froze licensing fees for two years last year.

The opposition, for its part, is criticizing the BBC for bowing to pressure from the authority by suspending Mr Lineker. Critics are also mounting against the appointment in 2021 of Richard Sharpe, on government advice, to head the BBC.

Known as a financial backer of the Conservative Party, this former banker was playing matchmaker shortly before taking office to help his friend and former Prime Minister Boris Johnson secure an £800,000 (more than $1,300,000 Canadian) loan.

I think the BBC chief, Richard Sharpe, should resignsaid Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Meanwhile, Saturday’s hearings exploded into necessity Match of the day, which aired in a reduced format, without a presenter or advisors. It was watched by more than 2.5 million viewers, almost 500,000 more than the previous week according to the BBC.

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