gangrang. Soldat Louis in concert at Espace Daniel Balavoin

Why did you choose Soldat Lewis as the name of the band?

S erge DANET: “Soldier Lewis was always the nickname my guys gave us. We started writing songs with Gary Wicknam in 1987. We wanted to tell stories that were structured a bit like a comic strip.”

It had success with “Durrhum, des femmes” and “Martiniquaise” at the end of the 1980s, and more than thirty-five years later, the group is still around. What is the secret of your longevity?

“The public loves our stories and our adventures… It makes them laugh, it makes them travel. We also have a strong Breton identity, and it’s not really sensitive to the influences or formats of fashion. As Admiral Olivier de Kersauson says, our songs are not targeted by the media. Thirty-five years later, Gilles is listening to us A fourth of the spectators, as long as there is an audience, we will continue the path! We are sailing the long path…”

What are your sources of inspiration?

“In the first place, Brittany and the sea and everything that surrounds it… Adventure, ports and everything that happens there… And then, across the albums, we also knew how to talk about other, less iodized things…”

Why did you choose the title “Some News from the Front” for your latest album?

“A few years go by between our different albums at a time. During this time it’s as if we’ve gone too far on the campaign, so we’re writing to bring you news from the front!”

She will be on stage at Gandrange on Friday, March 24th. Without revealing too much, what awaits the audience that evening?

“Reunion, excellent Celtic rock moment as it should be and live with the crowd! Believe me, it will rock hard, because after thirty-five years we still hold the lead very well!”

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Tickets are on sale at Gandrange town hall, by e-mail: [email protected] Online: and Prices: 20 euros, 15 euros (discounted).

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