Games will soon be available in the App Store on iOS

The Netflix game show has already arrived on Android, but it’s long overdue on iOS. Due to the strict policies of the App Store, the streaming platform giant will make its games directly available in the App Store on iOS.

Posted a few days ago Netflix Gaming is available globally on Android smartphones. All subscribers of the broadcasting platform can find it The first 5 games on the Netflix app on their Android smartphone or tablet. It can be accessed from the “Games” tab. However, this is not a cloud gaming show. In fact, the app Netflix Redirect users to Google Play Store To download games.

New Netflix Gaming Show – Credit: Netflix

Netflix confirmed that its game show is coming to iOS, but did not provide further details. However, Mark Gorman of Bloomberg explained it Strict App Store Policies Netflix prevented access to its games from its app. Cloud gaming services like Stadia and GeForce Now break store usage guidelines It allows access to the content of their applications. The games are not individually listed on the App Store and therefore cannot be verified by Apple.

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The success of Netflix’s cloud gaming offering on iOS will depend on Apple’s decision

To make Netflix Gaming available on iOS, the streaming platform giant will have to circumvent these restrictions. According to Mark Gorman, all Netflix games will be too Available individually on the App Store. They will still be able to start playing from the Netflix app, but they won’t be playable or downloadable in the app.

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So this process is similar to the Netflix Gaming process on Android at the moment. However, Netflix’s long-term goal is to offer an all-in-one game show, thus gamers should be able to download and play games directly from the app. Mark Gorman thinks the next step for Netflix Gaming is Le cloud games. This will not pose any problem on the part of Android, but a solution should be found for iPhone and iPad.

Finally, Mark Gorman concluded that ” Apple will have to change its rules or give Netflix an exemption. This leaves the eventual success of the Netflix service in the hands of Apple, a longtime partner but also a growing competitor. ».

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