Gameboy games on Nintendo Switch online?

The rumors come to us straight from Eurogamer who says they have confirmed that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games were preparing for a possible release on Nintendo Switch Online.

(Featured image courtesy of: Hi I’m Nick)

For some time now, there have been rumors about the arrival of new games for Nintendo Switch Online, but no official announcement has been made by Nintendo. But this time rumors started forming. According to Eurogamer, who stated that it confirmed the rumors, Game Boy and Game Boy Color games should soon appear on Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Online currently has about 80 NES games as well as about 50 SNES games (this number may vary by region). Now that a lot of very popular NES and SNES games have been released in the service, people are eagerly waiting for something new.

Thus, adding original games from the Game Boy collection to the Nintendo Switch Online catalog would be the next logical step for Nintendo. The service, which turns three this month, first launched with games from the NES, and then, about a year later, games from the SNES. Who knows, if the rumors are true, we might be able to play Pokémon Blue on Switch!

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