Gaddafi gone: Sarkozy is still in trouble

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy He just announced that he will appeal a three-year prison sentence for bribing a judge and abuse of influence. Then a case that he believed had been settled appeared in his face.

He was relieved to learn this, in an interview with Paris MatchFrench-Lebanese businessman Ziad Taqi al-Din has denied his allegations that Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi financed his 2007 presidential campaign. The matter is under investigation and Taqi al-Din was the main witness. He claimed that he attended the meeting between a person close to Sarkozy and the head of Libyan intelligence, and then handed over five million euros to Sarkozy’s chief of staff.

But the Paris National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF), which is responsible for cracking down on serious economic delinquency, did not drop the file. An amazing turn of events. When he questioned the investigative judges sent to Beirut, the expert said his words had been distorted Paris Match. The magazine belongs to the Lagardère group, where Nicolas Sarkozy is on the supervisory board. Arnaud Lagardère is a friend of Sarkozy and the Macron couple.

The queen of paparazzi and the prince of intrigue

The case is now gaining momentum. The Philippine National Front suspects that the head of the photographers agency Bestimage, Mimi Marchand, who is also close to Sarkozy, orchestrated Takieddine’s interview. The “People’s” press in France is under investigation for “bribery of witnesses” and “criminal association with the aim of committing an organized fraud”. The person who gave Paris Match The exclusivity of Taqi al-Din’s withdrawal has just been returned to pretrial detention. She did not respect the ban on contacting other witnesses. Not very smart. The policemen were listening to his phone calls.

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Taqiuddin fled to Lebanon after being convicted in the Balladur case, another political-financial intrigue involving Pakistan this time. And for the money crunch after his bank accounts were seized, he was going to get thousands of euros in exchange for going back on his word.

Sarkozy, Lilian Bettencourt and Paul Desmaris

In 2013, Nicolas Sarkozy won a case in the case of Liliane Bettencourt, named after the then-93-year-old L’Oreal heiress who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. He was charged with “abuse of weakness” for attempting to take advantage of “a state of ignorance or psychological weakness of a person to make him make commitments that he does not see as important.” The court ruled that the evidence in support of the charges against him was very weak.

When the police raided his home in connection with this case, shortly after his electoral defeat, he was abroad…with Desmarais, in their Sagard district, in Charlevoix, where he felt, he said, “like a member of the family. During a visit to Quebec in In 2008, Sarkozy said: “If I am president now, I owe this part to Paul Desmarais’ advice, friendship and loyalty. ”

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