Gabriel Karl is trying her luck in Europe

Quebec footballer Gabriel Karl intends to build on her successes, especially as she is on the cusp of making the leap into the professional world of the Swedish first division, with the formation of Kristianstads DF.

On Monday, public relations agency Obelisq announced that the 23-year-old had initialed a one-year, no-option deal with the team that finished third in the Swedish championship in 2021.

This is the icing on a successful year sundae for Karl. Lévisienne actually won gold at the Olympics in Tokyo and won another national championship with Florida State Seminoles in the NCAA.

“It’s a big year and I will remember it for the rest of my life. I finished college in a good way and started my career with great confidence,” Karl said over the phone, currently preparing to move from Florida.

highly coveted

In an Obelisq press release, agency founder Nicolas A Martineau revealed that his client has been on the rise. She had many offers on the table from Sweden and Spain, not to mention a serious interest in France, England and the United States.

“The Swedish league season lines up with the end of the NCAA campaign. Karl said it was therefore obvious that a circuit like this was chosen to justify his decision. Europe has always been attractive to me. To start my career with a one-year contract in Sweden, it’s a good start.”

So the side linebacker chose not to be available for the National Women’s Football League draft, the U.S. Women’s Professional Football League.

“It’s something I’ve thought about and see in the future.”

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“I think it was a better option for me,” added Karl of the Swedish club. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. In addition, I always have the option of returning to North America afterwards, if I wish.”


There is also another element dear to Karl’s heart that motivated his choice, which is to show the young players from the province and the country that it is important to believe in his dreams.

“It is very important to me to be able to inspire the young ones so they can see that it is possible. Before me, there was Jose Belanger and Ryan Wilkinson who really inspired and guided me the way.”

Along the same lines, Kipkere has no intention of playing extras with the Kristianstads DFF.

“No matter where I am, I always want to do a good job. I want to get there and make a difference. That is my goal,” announced the person who will be joining her new team on January 15.

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