Gabon: Espace-Ndogo wants to speed up Gamba’s transformation |

The NGO Espace-Ndougou Launched on April 16 in Gamba, it is a community investment fund (CIF) and fishing venture. Two initiatives aimed at accelerating population empowerment and accelerating the transformation of Gamba.

The NGO Espace-Ndougou launched two major projects in Gamba on 16 April 2022, one of which aims to boost fishing activity. © d

Created in 2016 to promote on-the-ground productivity initiatives, Espace-Ndougou is at the forefront. The NGO presented two major initiatives on April 16 in Gamba: the Community Investment Fund (CIF) and the Fishing Empowerment Accelerator Project. For the consolidated fiscal year, 19 local economic operators were selected from among the 300 registered applications. This number is significantly higher than the figure that marked the initial phase of the fund during the period from August to September 2021. During this period, the NGO Technical Committee accepted five out of sixty applications.

FIC aims to empower the local population, by making them more responsible, and loan repayment periods range from three to eight months. In principle, it is first of all a matter of paying 10% of the allocated amount. The targeted business sectors are trade in services, catering, environment and sustainable development, training, tailoring and laying hens.

In the meantime, the Pirogue project aligns with Espace-Ndougou’s commitment to perpetuating the traditions and identity of the local population. Above all, it encourages “back to the lake” as we experienced in the crowded site of the new logistics base of this well-established NGO in the region. It aims to offer an income generating activity, especially to the youth. In total, the young fishermen were given ten motorboats with a full set of fishing gear and five resin kayaks, to which the boats’ administrative documents feature is added free of charge.

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Among these canoes, two of the resin are intended for mothers to accompany them to the fields. In order to be eligible for this innovative financing, there are conditions that must be met. Among other things, show your credentials, with a certificate of residence duly established by the relevant authorities and obtain a physical guarantee.

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