G7 condemns Russia’s ‘sham referendum’ in Ukraine

G7 leaders say they will “never recognize” these “illegitimate” polls. (Photo: Getty Images)

This text collects all recent developments since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on September 23, 2022. It will be updated during the day. To find all of our coverage of the dispute, you’ll find it here. Editor’s Note: Some of the content may be difficult to read.

G7 leaders on Friday “strongly” condemned “sham” referendums on Russia’s annexation in occupied Ukraine, adding that they would never “recognize” the “illegitimate” ballot papers.

(Germany, we will never recognize these referendums that appear to be a step towards Russian annexation “nor” the so-called annexation if it takes place”), they said in a press release from Germany, which holds the presidency of the Group of Seven (Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom) this year. .

“We call on all countries to categorically reject these fake referendums,” they added.

Moscow wants to “create a false pretext to change the status of the sovereign Ukrainian territory, which is subject to constant Russian aggression” and “these actions clearly violate the Charter of the United Nations and international law,” they said.

For the G7, “these spurious referendums (…) have neither legal effect nor legitimacy, as evidenced by Russia’s hasty organizational methods, which in no way respect democratic norms, and its blatant intimidation of the local population.”

They added that “these referendums in the areas that were forcibly placed under temporary Russian control do not in any way represent a legitimate expression of the will of the Ukrainian people, who have consistently resisted Russian efforts to change borders by force.”

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The foreign ministers of the Group of Seven, as well as the head of diplomacy in the European Union, Josep Borrell, on Thursday denounced Moscow’s “escalation” of the conflict in Ukraine, at the conclusion of a meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations meetings. General Assembly in New York.

In particular, the “partial mobilization of reservists and irresponsible nuclear rhetoric” of Moscow.

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