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On Saturday 15 May, the E. Leclerc cultural space in Landerneau welcomed Guinola and Anne Gael Maurizor at a signing session. The sisters have just released a youth album called Tara, A Summer Without Waste, illustrated by Severin Lefevre. In recent times, these appointments have become rare at the store level. But starting this Wednesday 19 May and the first phase of the dismantling, these signature sessions will begin again. Evidenced by an already busy schedule.

Jean-Paul Olivier on June 22

Denise Perot will follow one another at the customization table for “Possibilities: Cruises and Seafarers” (Saturday, May 29); David Farmer, for “Le cap des emranchis” (Saturday 5 June). Sylvie Pezzian, for “Quatre à quatre” (Saturday 12 June); Daniel Grolleau Foricheur on “5 years with Averty” (Saturday 19 June); Jean-Paul Olivier, for “Breton Champions of the Tour de France” (Tuesday 22 June); TheBee-you Association (Friday, June 25); Violin Bondard with Sabieux on “Street Art: Urban Arts in Brittany” (Saturday 3 July) and Yves Scholl on “Huis clos à l’Île de Sein” (Saturday 24 July).

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