Frontier League: a venue for the Quebec team

Everything indicates that the squad that brings together players from Quebec capitals, Trois-Riviere Eagles and Ottawa titans in the Frontier League will bear the name of the Quebec team for the 2021 season.

“It might look like it,” agreed Capitals President Michel Laplante, who was the front line delegate for the three Canadian clubs for the rest of the ring.

“We have until Thursday to finalize the name, the logo and all of that. It’s a lot of work in a few days, but we’ve made progress on that over the weekend,” adding that there will also be new uniforms for this particular season.

The current core of capitals players will remain the same because Quebec will be able to retain both Canadian and foreign players. To this list will be added the best Canadian items from Eagles and Titans as possible.

On Thursday, the Eagles and Titans’ foreign players will be available to the other teams in the league through a Scattered Draft, but their rights will still belong to their home team when normality returns expected in 2022.

“We’ll be playing a lot on national fibers. It will be a bit of a picture of us against them.” Coach Patrick Scalabrini, who will be supported by his assistants Pierre Arsenault and Gift Ngoebe, as well as Eagles’ manager Matthew Roche, said, “We want to go to the USA and beat the American teams with our players. The role is deputy general manager.

Financial assistance

As announced last week, among other things, thanks to a loan from the Quebec government, obtained during the Investissement Quebec tourism agreement, adventure is possible. The loan will be repayable in the range of $ 500,000.

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Frontier League will also cover the team’s stay in the US and other expenses.

Quebec will play its matches south of the border until July 22, when a repatriation is required for a period of 28 matches (out of 48 matches remaining on the calendar) to be shared equally between Quebec and Trois-Riviere.

“It’s not a clear formula for players, who are going to spend a lot of time on the road. We had to feel that from their side, it was important to play. For our friends, it would be a season in red. The owners understand the ecosystem we are in now, where every little baseball game is connected.” BNA: “They take into account the desires of our fans,” Laplant explained.

Wanted spectators

Obviously, for the 28 games on Quebec soil, spectators are desirable, but it is too early to say to what extent.

“We are not there yet. It is based on the fact that on June 24, all Quebec residents should be vaccinated. Many things can change and we will work with public health. It may be the situation that will develop. For example, we may have 25% of the stadium on the 23rd July, 50% on August 23. “We have to see,” Laplant noted.

The latter, with no reservation, hopes that with the team’s return at the end of July, activities can be organized on the balcony of Kanak Stadium.

Relief by Patrick Scalabrini

For Patrick Scalabrini and his players, it will take some time to get used to living in a suitcase for much of the summer. In the current context, the manager was asking for nothing better.

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The father of two young children clearly isn’t looking to separate from his family for weeks on end, but the idea of ​​not swimming in professional baseball for the second year in a row wasn’t much of a problem. The best option.

“I changed my mind a lot in my head and heart. I spent a few nights in pain. Nevertheless, I wanted to be part of an adventure like this. I miss baseball. It’s a passion for me and I missed it,” said the manager.

For players

Despite the sacrifice at the family level, Scalabrini could not see himself telling his players that he had not been on the ship.

“I am in constant contact with the players and they have a lot of concerns. I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror if I hadn’t given them the best chance to play.”

“For many of them, a summer without baseball could lead to the end of their careers. We will live from hotel to hotel, and city to city, but to my surprise and happiness, it was unanimous, men want to play.”

Mobile camp

The team must hold its first test camp in Quebec for local players a few days before the official start of the training camp, scheduled for May 13th.

On that date, it was in the United States, perhaps at Rockland, for the Quebec team to prepare a bivouac for a few days.

Then we will gradually move to St. Louis, where we will start our season. “

“We will be away from our families for weeks, but we will be happy to go and represent our organizations. We will do our best to return to Quebec at the end of July with an exciting qualifying race,” Scalabrini concluded.

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Among Quebecers, the coach expects to be able to place bets again on David Glaoud and Jonathan Lacroix.

As for gunner Carl Gelinas, his new job as Director of Diamants de Québec, at LBJEQ, will not allow him to line up at the same time at Frontier. It seems unlikely that Raphael Gladou will attend.

See the video above.

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