From which book is this crazy story adapted?

From December 29, it will be possible to watch new Swedish mini-series on Netflix, Completely on the brink. But what book is this series based on?

Fans of the idiot crime series will be delighted with this series Completely on the brink, broadcast on Netflix From December 29. Directed by Felix Hengren, this Swedish nugget is about a bank robber’Hostages are held in an apartment open to visitors before they disappear. At first confused, the police come to suspect everyone‘, as we can read in the synopsis revealed by the platform. Adapted from the bestseller by Frederic Bachmann, will the series succeed?

The book is the origin of this series

Completely on the brink (where people worry, in the original edition) is a new series adapted from an eponymous book written by Frederic Bachmann. Written by Camilla Ahlgren and directed by Felix Hengren, the story is based on a failed attempt at a bank robbery by a masked man. After this failure, the same person takes hostages in an apartment open to visitors before mysteriously disappearing. A bestseller, this book highlights the version of different hostages: Zara, a wealthy bank manager who has become obsessed with apartment visits, Roger and Anna Lina, a retired Ikea-addicted couple, Julia and Ro, and a young gay couple. Future parents, Estelle, an 80-year-old woman who is not afraid of anything and Lennart, an actor. “Fredrik Bachmann has a unique sense and ability to photograph people and find interesting stories that reflect Sweden. It would be a privilege to co-author this wonderful book with Camilla Ahlgren. In addition, it is great to continue our collaboration with Netflix. Which will make a great story come alive for global audiences”, the director announced his collaboration with the author of the novel of the same name.

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Who is in the casting of this new solid mass?

For this new series, which airs on Netflix, director Felix Hengren cast actors Alfred Svensson and Dan Eckborg, as Jack and Jim, father and son in the police. Alongside them, they are joined by Karla Sen (Julia), Petrina Solange (Ru), Liv Andre (Roger), Marika Lagerrantz (Anna Lina), Anna Granath (Zarah), Per Anderson (Lennaart), Sofia Lidarp (Maria) and Lottie Egbrant (Estelle). All these people will have various speeches and testimonies about the events that took place in the apartment.

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