From California to Texas, the United States has been divided over vaccine evidence

We were in groups of two or four, everyone left behind. We felt safeAs a season ticket holder, says Downey, who was one of the few fans who managed to attend Sunday’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Supporters of Padres, San Diego baseball team

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Under California Health Authority guidelines, an outdoor sporting event in an area like San Diego can currently open at a fifth of its capacity.

Sooner or later, this stadium should hold a third of the spectators. Then, as of mid-April, this threshold could increase to 67% of its capacity if the public tested or showed evidence of complete vaccination.

Authorized capacity percentages vary depending on the health situation in each district of the state and the type of activities involved. For example, the possibility of increasing capacity under vaccination will not apply to bars and restaurants in California.

Thus, the nation’s most populous country is betting without imposing it on rewarding companies that decide to adopt this practice.

It is not mandatory, but private companies that want to request proof of vaccination are definitely entitled to do so.

Quote from:Christopher Longhurst is a professor of medicine at the University of San Diego

Sounds like a reasonable moveChristopher Longhurst, professor of medicine at the University of San Diego, who recalls that proof of vaccination is required when entering some countries, especially yellow fever.

At the moment, the expert determines that the form that the tool will take to check the health status of the customer in California has not been created. The University of San Diego is working with several private sector companies to find a solution.

Across the country, New York State has already developed a mobile app that allows residents to voluntarily register for proof of vaccination or screening. For example, this status is required to enter Madison Square Garden.

Elsewhere in the United States, however, politicians quickly dismissed the idea of ​​establishing a verification system.

Do not disclose private health information

In recent days, Florida and Texas Republican governors have signed executive orders prohibiting government agencies from mandating vaccination status checks.

In Florida, the Miami Heat basketball team has nevertheless chosen to reserve certain sections of the runway for members of the public who have been vaccinated.

In the case of Texas, which a few weeks ago lifted all distancing measures on its soil, the ban also applies to private companies that receive public funding.

The government should not require Texas to provide evidence of vaccination and thus disclose private information related to their health to participate in activities of daily living.

Quote from:Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

After hinting several times that he had no intention of implementing such an option, the White House finally confirmed its intentions on Tuesday.

Masion-Blanche spokeswoman Jane Psaki.

White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki confirmed that the White House would not impose a vaccine requirement.

Photo: Reuters / Kevin Lamarck

Spokeswoman Jin Saki announced that the federal government will simply publish a directory of states and companies that decide to develop their systems.

Americans’ right to privacy and rights must be protected, She wanted to clarify.

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In San Diego, Beau, a Padres fan, said he was open to requesting vaccination proof or negative drug testing to allow more fans to fall into the stands during the games. But there are questions about what form the final verification system will take.

That’s fine, but I wonder how they’ll check. I fear people will try to forge documents, He says.

Questions that must be answered quickly in a country where all adults are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in less than two weeks.

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