Friday, October 14, Reading the words of women in the cultural space of Landévant – Landévant

“I Promised” is the title of the show proposed by the Cultural Committee of the Landévant and La Compagnie Rouennaise Godess en Godasses. The words of three women dissidents and political prisoners. French, Spanish, and Romanian refused to submit to the oppression of their political system, risking their lives. They are Charlotte Delpo, Federica Montseny and Elisabetta Rezia.

Various literary styles call for oral transmission, poetry, and autobiographical writing. Katja Bunic, cultural assistant identifies, adding: “Three extraordinary destinies have never crossed paths and yet, on stage, we witness their meeting”: “Three roles interpreted by three actresses, Andrea Nestor, Anna Adams and Julie Guillemot, from Landévant. View reading where Music accompanies the words and replaces silence when it is impossible to say it. Moreover, this show coincides with the month of Pink October and we are continuing with cultural programs in the space of Curver.”


Friday, October 14, at the Kervera Cultural Square, at 8 pm. Prices: 6 euros. Ticket office on site.

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