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(Paris) Nicolas Sarkozy finally broke his silence on Tuesday, unsurprisingly endorsing Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election, calling for a rally around the main candidate who could precipitate a reshaping of the right.

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“I will vote for Emmanuel Macron,” said the former head of state (2007-2012) on Facebook, who did not endorse the Liberal Democratic Party candidate Valery Pecres in the first round, to the chagrin of the party he founded.

Emmanuel Macron soon thanked him for his “confidence and support”, stressing that “we must meet very broadly”.

To justify his decision, Nicolas Sarkozy went further than calling for a barrage of the far right by invoking objective reasons, such as “faithfulness to the values ​​of the Republican Right” and “valuing work” by the outgoing president, as well as his “clear and unmistakable” European commitment. .

This loyalty to right-wing values ​​and “the culture of our government” should, in his opinion, “lead us to respond to the invitation to the meeting of Emmanuel Macron in light of the presidential election”.

A clear reference to the “political overreach” mentioned by Emmanuel Macron in early April.

“I was surprised that he only did it in the second round. I thought he would do it from the start,” he commented during Marine Le Pen’s press conference, touching on the irony: “I wonder if I’ll end up making posters, because there’s nothing he calls Nicolas Sarkozy and Luxembourg (who both ) to beat the Marines. Le Pen, he can open up votes for me.”

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Several media have reported in recent weeks the desire of Nicolas Sarkozy to negotiate an alliance with Emmanuel Macron, passing through a certain number of deputies, even as prime minister, even if the disastrous result (4.78%) of LR in the first round. From the presidential election greatly weakens the bargaining power of the right.

Although it was to be expected, this disavowal stance is a stone in the pool for the Republicans, who coined Monday to be “irreplaceable neither in grandiosity nor in leprosy.”

“We won’t rebuild right by weakening ourselves in grandiose tendency,” senator president LR Bruno Retailleau said on Twitter.

“You will swing”

“The opposition cannot be reduced to a confrontation between the presidential majority and the extremist parties,” replied Senate President Gerard Larcher.

The gap between Nicolas Sarkozy and LR continued to widen during the presidential campaign as he never supported Valérie Pécresse.

According to the comments published in the press, the former head of state, who cultivates rapprochement with Emmanuel Macron, was very harsh towards the candidate: “He does not exist”, “Valery did not understand anything”, “It is better to quote me”…

LRs ended up giving up all hope of support. “I’m following my own path,” Valerie Pecres fatally repeated. The break took place in public at its last meeting in Paris, when the name of Nicolas Sarkozy was blown by part of the audience.

The coalition proposal, especially the right wing of LR, soured on Tuesday. Chalon-sur-Saony Mayor Gilles Platret warned that “the dissolving of the right to Macron’s ideological nothingness is a short-term vision”.

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Nicolas Sarkozy “breaks the silence to explain to us that he wants a major rearrangement with En Marche, and the answer is no,” Sovereign Representative Julien Aubert.

But the temptation may be high among LR MPs worried about being re-elected in the legislative elections in June, or in the moderate wing of the party, part of which has already joined Macron or Edouard Philippe’s Prospects party.

One MP predicts that “the hypothesis should be on the table, it will swing.”

As of Tuesday, Yon-Guillaume Larrive’s deputy estimated that Nicolas Sarkozy was “right to abide by the strength and clarity” of Emmanuel Macron, as it is “the only option consistent with the national interest.”

Others prefer to see in this bombing a kind of “year zero” from the right.

“We have to turn the page on Sarkozy’s generation,” says Representative Pierre-Henri Dumont.

For the third person in Aurélien Pradié’s party, “the only party Macron wants is a big risk”. “Basically, it might be an opportunity,” he said on Twitter.

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