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The eighteen member states and territories of the Pacific Islands Forum (the Forum) have been invited by the United States Secretary of State, Mr. Anthony Blinken, to this ministerial meeting, which aims to present their projects in detail to a modern coordinating body called Partners in Blue Ocean (PBP) , was jointly launched, at the initiative of the United States in Washington on June 24, by the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the United States.

The first concrete actions were announced in the following areas:

  • construction of humanitarian aid depots in the area;
  • organization of a conference dedicated to security, especially digital;
  • Support the Pacific Climate Change Center (PCCC), located in Samoa;
  • Support access to climate finance.

Forum members wanted to add areas like education, including scholarships, infrastructure, gender, and anti-poaching. However, Forum members insisted on recalling the essential role of the Forum Secretariat in coordinating the multilateral dialogue in the Pacific region, and the necessary integration of the PBP initiative into the already existing regional architecture.

Germany announced through its foreign minister, Annalena Barbock, that it would like to join the PBP.

Also in attendance were the foreign ministers of Canada, Japan and South Korea, the ambassadors of the European Union, France, the United Kingdom and India, who all affirmed or affirmed their support for the forum’s member states. Everyone welcomed the launch of the “2050 Strategy for the Pacific Blue Continent”.

The Pacific Islands Forum also reiterated its concern about the alarming situation of US nuclear waste in the Marshall Islands and expressed strong opposition to the Japanese nuclear authority’s permission to dump contaminated water from the nuclear reactor at Fukushima in the Pacific Ocean.

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On the same day, the Prime Minister of Fiji and the Forum Chair invited the Forum members for the global launch of the “2050 Blue Pacific Strategy” in the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia, Ms. Penny Wong, accompanied by Indigenous Senator Patrick Dodson and New Zealand Prime Minister, Mrs. Jacinda Arden. This strategy is the Forum’s roadmap for the coming decades. It is based on vision A resilient region of peace, harmony, security, social inclusion and prosperity, ensuring that the peoples of the Pacific could live free, healthy and productive lives French Polynesia actively participated in the formulation of this strategy.

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