Freebox subscriber area is updated with a new section

Freebox subscriber area is updated with a new section

The Freebox subscriber area is updated to make it easier to connect to Wi-Fi and better highlight a mobile application developed by Free.

The subscriber area has been updated to better reflect certain information. By going to “My Freebox”, then “Freebox Management”, the subscriber may discover that a new link “See my Wi-Fi network” appears. By clicking on it, he can find information about his Wi-Fi configuration, that is, available Wi-Fi cards, names of active networks and passwords for connecting to them. The section also contains QR codes to facilitate communication with the smartphone camera.

but that is not all. At the bottom of the page, the “About Freebox Connect” button leads to a page where Free displays the functionality of the Freebox Connect mobile app (see networked devices, plans to disconnect Wi-Fi, share its Wi-Fi connection, etc.). The subscriber can then click the buttons to download it in their Android version (from the Play Store) or their iOS version (from the App Store).

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