Free up storage space on your smartphone with this feature

With a new feature called Expired Groups, WhatsApp frees up storage for your smartphone. This new feature available in beta allows you to set a group conversation’s deletion date. Enough to make room by deleting large files and other messages.

Meta continues to enrich WhatsApp with beautiful features. Messaging is constantly revealing new features for its beta on iOS and Android. The next step to join the application allows you to program the deletion of the WhatsApp group to save space on your smartphone!

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A new feature to free up some space on your smartphone

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This feature is called Expired groups Allow To schedule a delete date for a WhatsApp discussion group. The user can choose a deadline, for example, a day or any other personal date. It’s a bit like an ephemeral message that’s already in many apps including WhatsApp. If you are participating in the current beta, you must go to your chat settings to schedule deletion. Of course it is possible to cancel the programmed disappearance of the group if you change your mind.

Knowing that a WhatsApp group can have 1024 participants, this feature will allow to broadcast a message without leaving the group inactive. Above all, liberate space on your smartphone. With fewer conversations and therefore fewer exchanges and other large files, your phone benefits!

Once the deletion date is selected, WhatsApp will remind all participants Keep important content Like videos, photos and other messages. Nobody is surprised, everyone is warned!

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How do you take advantage of this new feature in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp (free image)
WhatsApp (free image)

at the current hour, Expired groups Available only For users of the latest iOS and Android beta versions of WhatsApp. Meta has not disclosed a global release date. There is no doubt that the messages will soon, over the next few weeks or even the next few months, be used by everyone.

In general, the messenger starts experimenting with its new features using for a small group of people before it is displayed to all users.

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