“Free Man”: Un divertissement 100% Ryan Reynolds

At this point, the viewer can take the glasses from the studio frame, put them on, and see the world around him as the oils see him, like a crowd of floating dollar banners spinning around the face of a handsome giant…and smiling. This is possible free man It deals with game culture, which it does better than most movies on the subject, but doesn’t have much to say about it except that people are terrible on the internet and the person behind this biker avatar might be a 10 year old kid or moan He lives in his mother’s basement. It works on the fairly accurate idea that a non-playable character can go through an existential crisis, but doesn’t go beyond its status as a supercharged version.

There is a subplot about the true identity of MolotovGirl, a programmer named Millie who, along with her partner Keys (Joe Kerry of Weird things), a game reminiscent of Sims. However, they sold it to the multinational company Soonami, and its CEO (Taika Waititi) used it to create it free city. Millie tries to sue the company; She believes a video embedded in the game will prove her point, hence her altered ego’s attempt to infiltrate a well-guarded castle. As for Keys, now working for Soonami, he struggles to see their work stripped so he can get paid. But this film does not seek to address corporate looting of creators. Away from this.

No, what is indicated in free man, it’s star power… and if we’re being honest, we’d call it the Reynolds Player One. Today we operate in an ocean of intellectual property that has spawned endless franchises, sub-series, sequels, multiverses, crossovers, prequel original stories, and must-see streaming events. Ryan Reynolds knows it. dead list Moreover. But there are only a few real movie stars left, and he is one of them. The 45-year-old actor is a magician, capable of turning what might be perceived as sheer stupidity into wild charm, with an undeniable allure. Combined with infectious energy and dazzling humour, we can thus see him as a puppy who becomes a model, or perhaps the other way around.

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It’s the only reason to see free gooYes, but you already know that on your way to the movies. We have nothing against to come, because a star Kill Eve He is more than capable of standing up to the star. Or Hori, which remains a second choice for the knife. Or Taika Waititi, who gave his CEO the same ugliness as Hitler jojo rabbit. and director Shawn Levy, whose biography includes a reboot Pink panther, the movies A night at the museum And Weird things, no job. It’s just that Reynolds has the entire movie on his shoulders. If you also need him to fight a stray muscular version of himself, that’s great. This is what you hire it for. The result isn’t a great movie, that’s right. But it is undoubtedly good.

Because if you’re not just here to watch Reynolds do what he wants, good luck. Because free man It’s also a movie that advocates free will, while asking you to remain a passive consumer of its excitement, etc. It’s a blockbuster that says the little one has to stand up to the big, made by Disnet Studios that swallowed Fox up as part of one of showbiz’s most monopolistic acquisitions. in a free man, a character who regrets that no one is doing anything original anymore, and the villain declares that all of his customers want wings and perks, the whole time he spins his mustache – then pays himself the luxury of two Disney-owned intellectual property, because they own the means, so why not. So this movie reminds you that nothing is truly free in life. You are only paying for things you may not even realize yet.

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