Free headlights for those who want to maintain them in the US

The U.S. federal government is looking for new owners for a dozen lighthouses that will either be donated or auctioned off to those willing to maintain them.

The project, launched by the General Services Administration (GSA) several years ago, aims to preserve these properties, which are over 100 years old and have lost their usefulness with the advent of GPS systems, The Guardian reported.

Since 2000, GSA has donated 80 lighthouses and auctioned off 70 more, raising more than $10 million.

So that’s a record 10 installations to be offered to the public in the coming year.

Beacons are initially provided free of charge to federal agencies, state or local governments, non-profit organizations and community development agencies.

GSA said in a statement that these agencies must have the financial resources to maintain these historic sites and make them accessible to the public.

If the body is not available, the headlights will be auctioned online.

In recent years, bids have varied from $10,000 to $933,000.

The cost of maintaining these facilities varies depending on what the new owners plan for these buildings, ranging from a simple cleaning to renovating the buildings.

Additional costs are expected to restore, repaint and clean up parts of broken or missing property.

Here are the buildings looking for new owners this year:

– Lynde Point Lighthouse in Connecticut

– Nobska Lighthouse in Massachusetts

– Plymouth/Gurnet Lighthouse in Massachusetts

– Warwick Neck Lighthouse in Rhode Island

— Little Mark Island and Monument in Maine

These four lighthouses will be auctioned live:

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– Penfield Reef Lighthouse in Connecticut

– Stratford Shoal Lighthouse in New York

– Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Light, Ohio

– Keweenaw Aqueduct Lower Entrance Lighthouse in Michigan

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