Free camping spaces in Roberval

Spaces are big, people are far behind, there’s a bit less mingling compared to a typical camp site, and in this year’s test, we told ourselves, “Let’s do it for free instead of investing in a pricing platform.” This is explained by the mayor of Roberval, Sabine Cote.

Word quickly spread on social media and the stopwatch was very popular. It should be noted that the majority of the camps in the area are full during the summer season.

The response has been excellent so far. We started in June and there is a constant flow and attendance Mr. Cote adds.

Mayor Roberval, Sabine Cote

Photo: Radio Canada/Kenza Shafiq

As at the campsite, latrines, bins, and a sewage dump station are accessible. Many unmissable activities of Roberval are also nearby. Everything has been put into place to please vacationers.

The RV station is intended to complement other camp sites in the area. The goal is to ensure that the camp stays in a restricted area.

Being here is more pleasant than being in the courtyard of a shopping mall Sabine Cote argues.

The city wants to renew this sector and even plans to build a reception pavilion there, in order to attract more tourists.

The station will be available until Labor Day.

From Kenza Shafiq’s report

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