François Legault “does not regret” his remarks on immigration

The prime minister has been pressured with questions by opposition parties about the comments, revealed by Canadian Radio on Monday, that he recently made to the Quebec Employers Council.

Francois Legault, his family Obsession to Increase the average salary in Quebec. Every time I come home an immigrant earns less than 56,000 [$]I’m making my problem worse. Every time I return home an immigrant earns more than 56,000 [$]I am improving my condition, He had been remarkably stressed.

The business community has spoken of the necessity of resorting to immigration to fill the tens of thousands of available jobs.

We have a serious problem with the average salary in Quebec. We wouldn’t do that on purpose to make it worseThe prime minister replied, saying no nothing Can Manufacture To assist companies that want to hire An employee at $ 15 an hour.

In Quebec, we want more economic immigration, then first we want to create better-paying jobs.

Quote from:Francois Legault, April 4

In response to multiple reminders from the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), accusing him of disconnecting from the reality of the labor market, the prime minister confirmed most of his statements.

Our priority is to fill 32,000 jobs [vacants] Those earning above average salariesFrançois Legault in the National Assembly. What we want is to create more and more jobs with over $ 56,000 a year. Our goal is to create wealth and ensure Quebecers get better wages.

More economic migrants wanted by Quebec

He insisted his government’s ambition was to increase the proportion of economic migrants admitted to Quebec. Currently, this percentage is around 60%. However, he refrained from talking specifically about immigration thresholds.

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Francois Legault said the average wage gap in Ontario was 9.8% prior to his election. Currently, according to the latest figures available for 2020, the gap has been narrowed down to 8.4%. My goal is to reach zero, He continued.

Quebecers deserve such high salariesHe told Liberal leader Dominic Engled, accusing previous liberal governments of wanting Create jobs regardless of whether it’s $ 15 an hour or $ 30 an hour.

Francois Lego also responded firmly to Quebec Solidere and Representative Ruba Ghazal, who he said Deeply painful From his speech to the EO.

If I trust the prime minister’s words, my family and I are a problem for him, Captured. On Monday, Manon charged the CAQ leader with a Spit on the refugees.

Quebec currently receives, proportionally, more immigrants each year from the United States, more than France. We have no lessons to learn from Quebec SolidereLego responded.

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