Franco Foot returns with students from Collège Boreale

Attractive College Boreal

Franco Foote has had some great years From 2015 to 2019And win regional and local championships with teen and youth teams. Covid has hampered his activities.

The former sports inspector of France, Jean-Pierre Boye himself played at the national level. He is known in Toronto as a kitchen and restaurant equipment consultant, and as a volunteer with community and cultural associations.

Franco Foot instigator hopes that the agreement with Collège Boréal, with the enthusiastic support of Gilles Marchildon, Director Toronto campuswill relaunch his team on a permanent basis.

He’s already considering picking the best players on the elite squad, with a second squad of growing reserves. He is happy with his current players.

Franco Foot’s president, Jean-Pierre Bouy, with his players and players at Cherry Beach Club in 2017. Photo: courtesy, archives

big ambitions

And he is watching the year 2026, when the United States and Canada, especially in Toronto, will host the FIFA World Cup, which should energize football here. “Some of our players already have a lot of talent and ambition. They can be offered professional or semi-professional opportunities.

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