France | The health passport will become a passport for immunization

(Paris) The health passport at the beginning of the year will become a “vaccine passport”, which can only be activated with a full vaccination schedule and is no longer a simple negative test, Prime Minister Jean Castilles announced on Friday.

At the end of the meeting of the Health Defense Council, the head of government insisted that “from now on only vaccination will be valid in the past.”

He continued, “A bill will be presented to Parliament in early January, in particular, to convert the health card into a vaccination card, and to tighten control conditions and penalties against false permits.”

It is unacceptable that the refusal of a few million French people to vaccinate endangers the life of an entire country and undermines the daily lives of the vast majority of French who have played since the beginning of this crisis.

Jean Castix, French Prime Minister

“I will begin initial consultations on this project early next week, as well as on any other useful provision to extend vaccination as much as possible. We assume that this is a limitation for the unvaccinated, because critical care and resuscitation services in our hospitals are filled, for the most part, with unvaccinated people,” The prime minister explained.

At the same time, “so-called ‘go-to’ approaches will be amplified towards populations who may have missed vaccination out of ignorance or because they are traditionally farthest from the health care system,” it said.

The deadline for getting the booster vaccine will be reduced to four months from five.

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The Omicron variant, whose rapid spread “lightning around us in Europe”, “will spread so rapidly that it will become dominant from the beginning of 2022” in France, estimated Jean Castex.

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