France: The bronchiolitis epidemic continues, and the flu threatens reunification

bronchiolitis epidemic persists in France in infants, while flu, at the moment, there is little presence in urban France, and threatens to enter into an epidemic phase in MeetingThe health authorities announced Wednesday, November 24th.

The city is marked by “The continuation of the bronchiolitis epidemic”, All remaining affected areas, summarized in its weekly publication by the Public Health Agency France.

In children younger than 2 years of age, emergency room visits and hospitalizations associated with bronchiolitis rebounded in the week of 14 November, after a lull at the beginning of the month. It was just a one time drop Related to school holidays And on Halloween, the agency explains.

Of the 3,609 children under the age of 2 seen in the emergency room for bronchiolitis last week, 3,189 (88%) were less than 1 year old, and 1,257 (35%) were hospitalized. More than 90% of these are under the age of one year.

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Sanitary measures last winter helped prevent the spread of viruses

very common and contagious, Bronchiolitis causes children to cough and have difficulty breathingAnd fast and whistling. Most of the time, it may require an emergency room visit or even hospitalization.

Last winter, confinement and anti-Covid barrier gestures helped prevent all viruses, including RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) responsible for bronchiolitis. Children were less infected than usual and therefore had lower herd immunity, raising fears of an even stronger epidemic this year.

This phenomenon may also relate to other winter viruses, including influenza or gastroenteritis. As such, seasonal influenza, whose epidemic usually breaks out later in the year, is still scantly present in the French capital, according to French Public Health, which mentions only a handful of isolated cases in intensive care.

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On the other hand, in the Overseas Territories, Reunion recorded a transition to a pre-pandemic stage. MayotteIn the meantime, the epidemic continues to hit him, as it has been for several weeks.

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