France: Launching a special health card for French expats who have been vaccinated abroad

The French government is preparing a special health permit from Monday so that French expats who live outside the EU and are vaccinated abroad with “vaccines recognized by the European Medicines Agency”, can return to France and in EU countries.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs explained in a press release that it has put in place “a specific device that allows French people living abroad to be vaccinated with one of the vaccines recognized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or its equivalent for a valid health permit on French soil and in Europe.”

“Based on the decision of the President of the Republic and the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, we have put in place a specific mechanism to provide a solution for the French people who live outside France,” the Minister for Foreign Affairs in charge noted. Tourism and the French people abroad, citing Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne in the press release.

“From today Monday, August 2 at 2:00 pm, our citizens can submit their applications. To get a QR code, it is enough to send by e-mail, proof of vaccination, with identity document and proof of residence abroad, he said.

The system concerns French “who have been vaccinated in a place other than one of the following countries: EU member states, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland”, and these countries make it possible to obtain the certificate. EU digital COVID, which is acceptable in France.

Initially, the device was reserved for “people already present” on French soil, in the European Union, or “arriving by August 31”. The ministry said that “requests for access after this date will be taken into consideration later.”

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These rules do not modify the health procedures required to reach French territory (full vaccination schedule, PCR test, antigen test or recovery certificate for people over 12 years of age who do not have a full vaccination schedule), the French Foreign Ministry added.

The health card – a negative COVID test, vaccination certificate or recovery certificate – went into effect on July 21 in France at “entertainment and culture venues” that gathered more than 50 people.

On Thursday, the French Constitutional Council is scheduled to issue its decision on the law related to health crisis management, which specifically provides for the extension of the controversial health passport to include cafes, restaurants, exhibitions and trade fairs, as well as aircraft. Trains and coaches for long trips and medical facilities except for emergencies. And shopping centers by decision of the governors.

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