France lags far behind the United States and China

Credit insurer Euler Hermes’ “digital agility” index puts France in 15th place, a slight improvement over previous rankings. China advanced to 4th place.

The Euler Hermes “Digital Agility” code puts every country in its digital space, forcing the epidemic planet Covid-19 to work, consume and live far away. Based on data disclosed at the end of 2019, for the fourth year in a row, the credit insurer evaluates countries’ ability to provide businesses with an environment conducive to digital transformation through five criteria: regulation and business environment, education system and research equipment, connectivity, logistics infrastructure and market size.

This puts France in fifteenth place. In other words, China is far behind the United States, or fourth, making a big leap from the rankings at the end of 2018. It lags far behind Germany, with a slight loss to 3rd place, Denmark (2nd) and South Korea (12th).

This indicator “ It helps us to know which country provides the best conditions for traditional companies to succeed in their digitalisation and the best environment to create digital companies, Alexis Caratti, Director of Economic Research at Euler Hermes

The United States dominates with a score of 88/100. They benefit from a large market, a solid education system and research facilities, as well as a business environment and favorable terms for digital development. China (73/100) moved up from 9th to 4th place, the most advanced country. Beijing has relied heavily on regulation and its advancement in the business environment and logistics infrastructure and education system. The entire Asia-Pacific region is doing well.

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In Europe, Denmark (77/100) is ahead of Germany,Slow advanced connectionElse than other places. For its part, France (67/100) won two places when it was a normal student. In France, every year, “There has been real improvement in most indicators, but this year, investments in the education system and research facilities have made a difference. France has decided to invest in knowledge to promote the sustainable development of the digital ecosystem provided to companies, thus increasing their innovation potential. », Alexis Cortege relates.

Unicode, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, released its latest global e-commerce index on Thursday, parallel to the ranking of digital or digital agility run by Euler Hermes. France is not in a good position. It is the 17th country in the rankings with eight European countries in the top ten (Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland …).

Along with the most recent data, Euler Hermes also explored digital growth and the potential of countries reacting to the Govt-19 crisis. “Digital is essential to suit the economy, companies and states“, Evaluates the score obtained by comparing the insurer with its digital agility and economic performance recorded in 2020. It emerges.”1 point higher in the index, an economy improves the absorption capacity of the Govit-19 shock by 0.25 points of GDP growthSays the Alliance subsidiary.

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