France is waiting for a gesture from the United Kingdom to continue negotiations

The European Commission asked London at the end of November to settle the fishing license dispute before Friday.

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Never ending negotiations. France says wait ‘goodwill gesture’ From London to continue discussions on the dispute over post-Brexit fishing rights, Friday 10 December, after threatening litigation if no progress is recorded during the day.

so london “Standing to its position, we will ask the European Commission, at the end of the week, to declare an ongoing dispute”On Friday morning, French Minister of State for European Affairs Clement Bonn confirmed. corn “If the British say today ‘we give a few dozen more licenses'” For French fishermen “We will take this into account (…) and may continue” For dialogue, he immediately added.

Under the agreement signed at the end of 2020 between London and Brussels, European fishermen can continue to work in British waters provided they can prove that they have fished there before. But for more than eleven months, the French and British have been arguing over the nature and extent of the supporting documents to be provided.

France obtained 1,004 fishing licenses after Brexit and in “I’m still waiting 104”According to the French Ministry of the Seas, under pressure from Paris, the Commission asked London at the end of last November to settle the dispute over fishing licenses before Friday, December 10. And on Thursday evening, the United Kingdom vehemently rejected this deadline, while Paris called for European arbitration.

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