France in the hands of the final!

11:30 p.m.: Men’s 10km race (Marc Antoine Olivier and David Aubry)

12:30 a.m.: Ladies of Day Two (Céline Potter, Perrin Delacour)

2Q: Women’s Qualifying Kata (Alexandra Ferracci 2:20) 2Q: 110m Hurdles Decathlon (Kevin Meyer)
2Q: Men’s Park Qualification (Vincent Matheron)
2:30: Men’s K1200m semi-finals (Maxime Beaumont in the first series)

2h50: Decathlon Record (Kevin Meyer)
2h58: Women’s K1500m Semifinals (Manon Houstons 4th Series at 3:19)

3h: Women’s 10m Semi-finals (Alice Kalonji)

3 Hours: Women’s 4x100m Qualification (France in Series I)
4 Hours: Men’s Triple Jump Final (Melvin Raven)
4:27: Men’s K1200m final (Maxime Beaumont?)
4:30: Men’s 4x100m (France in Series 1)
4:55 a.m.: Men’s 110m Hurdles Final (Pascal Martinaud Lagarde, Aurel Manga)
5:05 a.m.: Kumite Qualifier – Men’s 67kg (Stephen da Costa 5:05 a.m. on lap 2, then lap 6, 13, 16, 23)
5:08 a.m.: Women’s K1 500m final (Manon Houston?)
5:30 a.m.: Men’s Park Final (Vincent Matheron?)

5:45 a.m.: Decathlon pole vault (Kevin Meyer)
6 a.m.: Ladies’ duel (Marie Oteza, Elodie Cloville)

8 a.m.: Women’s 10m final (Isn’t Kalonji?)

8:30 a.m.: Scratch Men’s Aluminum (Benjamin Thomas)
8:48 a.m.: 1/8 men’s final sprint (Sebastian Weiger 8:54 a.m.)
9:06 a.m.: Kirin Women’s Quarter-finals (Matilde Gross 9:11 a.m.)

9:27 a.m.: Men’s All-Time Race (Benjamin Thomas)

9:30 a.m.: Men’s Duel (Valentin Prades and Valentin Bellud)

9:30 a.m.: Men’s 20km run (Kevin Campion, Gabriel Borderer)

9:57 am: Kirin women’s semi-finals (Matilde Gross?)
10 am: Men’s semi-finals (France-Egypt).
10:07 a.m.: Men’s Aluminum Elimination Race (Benjamin Thomas)
10:15 a.m.: Decathlon spear (Kevin Meyer)
10:30 a.m.: Men’s Sprint Final (Michael Almoayem)

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11:30 am: men’s block final (Michael Almoaym)
10:45 am: Kirin Women’s Final (Matilde Gross?)
10:55 a.m.: Men’s Omnium Points Race (Benjamin Thomas)

12:25 pm: Women’s 4x400m Qualifiers (France in Series 1)
1 pm: Men’s 1500m semi-finals (Ezz El Din Habbaz)
1 p.m.: Men’s semi-finals (France-Slovenia)

1:05 pm: Kumite semi-finals – Men’s 67kg (Stephen da Costa?)
13:40: Men’s -67kg Kumite Final (Stephen da Costa?)
2:00 pm: Men’s semi-finals (France-Argentina)

2:10 pm: Men’s Difficulty Final (Mikael Moim)

2:40 pm: 1500m decathlon (Kevin Meyer)

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