France has issued a final warning to England

“Copy”, Too “Revenge” The tone on the French side is rising in the case of licenses granted sparingly by the United Kingdom to French fishermen.

“If there are no definite British signals in the licensing process, we will announce retaliatory, retaliatory, retaliatory action within a week, national or European, if necessary.”, In the Senate, announced by the French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clement Bonn, on the evening of October 13.

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France is threatening to cut power supplies, especially to Jersey, and take action in the financial services or research sector.

“We were very patient, very patient (…) The British did not want to grant a certain number of licenses, not because they had no information, but because they made this political choice. “, Secretary of State Hammer.

200 licenses were issued out of 244

The Brexit agreement, reached between London and Brussels at the end of last year, was issued on the condition that European fishermen could continue to work in certain British waters if they could prove that they had previously fished there. . But the French and the English argue over the nature and quantity of the supporting documents to be provided.

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Of the more disputed fishing zones (6-12 miles off the British coast and the Channel Islands), London and Jersey have a total of more than 200 permanent licenses, while Paris is still seeking 244.

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“This is not a French problem (…) This is a European problem. “Recalling the concerns of Belgium and Ireland, Clement Bon stressed. “We are mobilizing our European partners”, He added.

Eleven countries, including France, signed a joint declaration on Monday calling for a European front against London following the British decision on fishing licenses.

The signatories to the declaration are: Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden.

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