France ‘condemns’ Iranian missile launch in ‘complete progress’ on nuclear energy

In a statement on Friday, the State Department criticized Iran’s approach, which it says is inconsistent with “United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231”.

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France has “convicted” Friday, December 31, Tehran launches a missile a day before negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program resume. France condemns this launch, which is inconsistent with UN Security Council Resolution 2231.”, says the French diplomat in a press release. “These activities are all the more unfortunate because they come at a time when we are making progress in the nuclear negotiations in Vienna,” he added.

Iran said on Thursday it had launched a rocket carrying three space research instruments into space. “Given the proximity of the technologies used in space launches and ballistic fire, this launch contributes directly to Iran’s already troubling progress in its ballistic missile program. The Department of Defense’s role in this launch testifies to the close connection between these two programs.”, appreciates Quai d’Orsay.

This launch follows the launch of ballistic missiles on December 24.”, also does not comply with Resolution 2231 which “Calls on Iran not to conduct activities related to ballistic missiles designed to deliver nuclear weapons.”, he argues. “Iran’s ballistic program is a source of concern to the international community.”Adds the press release that asks Iran “To honor its obligations (…), including those relating to the transfer of sensitive arms and technologies”.

This missile launch comes amid talks to salvage the Vienna Agreement. It was re-launched at the end of November, after a five-month hiatus, between Tehran and the countries still party to the agreement (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, China).

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