France and the United States: targeting Dakouri

France TV microphone comments on the shock of France and the United States, Richard Dakouri has been the target of sharp criticism.

The French men’s basketball team could hardly imagine a better start to the Tokyo Games. In their first match at the Olympics, Vincent Colette’s men actually provided scalps to the United States. 83-76 victory A taste of deja vu since the Blues actually won against Team USA in the last World Championship quarter-finals.

However, this success is still an occurrence and it is clear that he is fascinated by the basketball community and beyond. So much so that some had trouble understanding what treatment France TV reserved for this shock in the first round. The fault in particular in the fluctuations that occurred on the fencing in the final male match, which was awarded to Roman Kanoni, which thus provided the first gold medal for the tricolor delegation.

But even more so than these round trips with the fencing, which notably caused the Blues’ comeback to be missed when they came back from the locker room, these are indeed Richard Dacuri’s comments. The former icon of Beaublanc, who has been running France TV since 2004, doubled the estimates, much to the chagrin of many viewers, who did not fail to point out his mistakes.

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