France and the United Kingdom partners against climate change

CNES and the United Kingdom Space Agency Have signed An amendment to their contract, which ended in April 2017. “ In order to continue their cooperation in carrying out the task of combating MicroCarb against climate change .

The new agreement, aimed at expanding British contributions to the Microcorp project, led the UK to contribute an additional 9 3.9 million (6 4.6m) to the project, bringing its total contribution to 13.9 million (16.4). m), to the total budget of uture 250 million provided by the French government through the Future Investment Program, CNES and the European Union .

Microcorp is not yet operational and should not be until 2023. The purpose is to accurately monitor the Earth’s atmospheric CO₂ from space. He “ Detection of changes associated with surface emissions and absorption around the world from our cities, forests and oceans .

What else, “ The satellite has a specific tracking system for targeting cities, which allows anthropological CO₂ emissions to be assessed in large urban areas, which may increase the greenhouse effect and degrade the environment. .

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