France-America: A Relationship in Restructuring


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Although there are pictures of the reconciliation between France and the United States in Rome (Italy), there is still a lot of work to be done. Special Envoy Guillaume Daret explains the Franco-American situation.

If Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden shake hands in Rome (Italy), the shame of the Australian submarine crisis has not yet been completely eradicated. After the interview with Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron said, “We are rebuilding trust. The relationship between France and the United States has yet to go. In fact, France wants the United States to make strong decisions in the future.

France is now waiting to see if the Americans will take decisive action, such as the fight against jihadism in the Sahel, the environment or the common European defense program. However, Emmanuel Macron is clear and knows that US and French interests may differ in the coming months. The variation of interest still makes this process of rebuilding trust between France ItsUnited States.

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