Four questions about the World Windsurfing Championships starting this weekend at Montlawson-Gerrett

It was scheduled to take place a year ago, in Chalons-en-Champagne, in the Marne. But due to the health context, the organizers have abandoned the event. That is why Montluçon-Guéret airport in Lépaud (Creuse) has been chosen to host the 36th edition of the World Windsurfing Championships starting this weekend and for two weeks of competition.

1. Why was Lépaud chosen?

“For twenty years, we’ve been organizing air shows, and we’re a little used to it,” says Beatrice de Renal, president of the Cruise Aviation Association (ACC) and the organizing committee for the World Championships. The airport had already received pre-worlds last summer.The infrastructure is also ideal for hosting the international event. “We have a grass track and a big challenging track. They are just over 1 km long and 1.9 km long respectively. In addition, our geographical location does not cause noise pollution, since there are few neighbors, and the only times this might be a problem are when We allow gliders to take off with tugboats,” the regulator specifies.

2. How many people does the event bring together?

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Usually, the World Windsurfing Championship brings together 130 pilots. And Covid is sticking to 100 this year only. Not all pilots came due to health conditions. “

A total of 24 countries are represented: Germany, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Hungary, Austria, the United States, Ukraine, Croatia, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, South Africa, Lithuania and Russian. Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Australia and Romania.

Each team consists of pilots, each of whom has a designated repairman, and a team leader (team captain). Everyone can bring people. Thus, by adding about forty volunteers, dozens of country pilots and the organization, about five hundred people will occupy Montlawson-Gerrett Airport and be involved in local life over the next two weeks.

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3. How will the tournament be held?

From last weekend until this evening, all competitors can take advantage of the Montluçon-Guéret airport location for training. Tomorrow at 5 pm on the 36th? The World Windsurfing Championships will kick off with an opening ceremony, in Montleucon, with delegates parading through the streets. Wine of Honor will follow at City Hall. From Sunday through August 21, 100 pilots will participate, in three different classes (Standard, 15m and Club), over the course of eleven days of events.

“At the end of the day, there will be three heroes among them.”

Beatrice de Renal

As a reminder, gliders are small aircraft without an engine. Without an engine, the plane just slides down. To stay in the air, it must find an upward current. This is why at the beginning of its journey, it must be towed to reach a height that would allow it to find its first climb. Thus, it can travel hundreds of kilometers without ever having to land and tow again. This is what the World Championship is all about.

The events will take place mainly on the plains, over the Centre-Val de Loire, Auvergne and Aquitaine regions.

As for the classes, they correspond to the characteristics of gliders, which have a wingspan of fifteen meters. For the 15-meter class (also called the racing class), it is equipped with ailerons and flaps, which are parts located on the inclined wings in order to turn the aircraft over. In the standard class, gliders are equipped with ailerons, but without flaps. The club category combines old, decommissioned devices. They are all filled with water to improve aerodynamics.

An independent international jury of four people, including at least one representing IGC, the branch of the International Federation of Aviation (FAI) dedicated to Paragliding, will monitor and analyze each event to verify compliance with the rules.

4. What will the audience discover?


It was prepared to receive the public at the airport. A giant screen makes it possible to follow the movements of all competitors on the map. Paragliding simulators, sports activities and the Playa National Tour operation are also planned and will enhance the monitoring of events.

Throughout the day, the public will also be able to follow the take-off and landing of the gliders. A partner village will be established, with an economic discovery area and local producers to sell products. “The first flights will take place every day,” adds Beatrice de Renal.

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For his part, France captain Eric Napoleon encourages as many people as possible to come and discover the devices, “These little tech marvels that are rarely seen and which are nonetheless worth seeing with their interior design rivaling that of Formula 1. In short, a modern and eco-sport. “.

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