Four lights, at night, within three hours

Could an arson have occurred on the night of Thursday 4 August – Friday 5 August, in different municipalities? This is one of the working hypotheses preferred by the gendarmes after four fires broke out in the grass and branches, within three hours, in the municipalities Saint-Chef and Salgnon, Triplet and Sharett.

The first fire was reported in patted About 1:30 a.m.: 1500 square meters burned before the fires were put out by firefighters. An hour later, a new fire was reported in the same town. This time, the flames covered nearly 3,000 square metres.

Then, just before three o’clock in the morning, flames were reported on the heights of Chamont, Overlapping between the municipalities of Saint-Chef and Salgnon. For safety, the residents of Mollard de la Bise are awake. There, many firefighters are mobilized because the flames have reached hard-to-reach bushes. In the end, nearly two hectares of land burned. The firefighters’ intervention ended around 8 a.m. before a fire, in hollow logs, was reported in the afternoon.

then in Charit, Shared in the North, a fire was reported shortly before 4 a.m. About 4000 square meters were destroyed.

Everywhere, gendarmes intervened to conduct thorough investigations. Mention the effect of mortar fire.

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