Four days a week in the United States is one step closer

The document was first tabled in the House of Representatives by California Representative Mark Tacano in July. (Photo: 123RF)

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RHEVEIL-Morning. The four-day week begins to gain traction in the US Congress.

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, more than a hundred members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a left-wing branch of the US Democratic Party, declared their support for the bill to implement the 32-hour-a-week work program. CBS News.

Mark Tacano, the California representative, first filed this document with the House of Representatives last July, so that Americans could receive compensation within an hour and a half after completing their 33-hour workday.

Deliberately, he wants to change the Fair Labor Standards Act, a federal law that regulates the US minimum wage, by reducing the normal working week from 40 hours to 32 hours.

Whoever introduced the bill hopes that it will allow Americans to achieve a better work-life balance and that the United States will use the “return to default” to redefine the work world. “People are working longer hours now than ever before,” he lamented in a statement in July.

Keep in mind that we do not want to draw a line in a 40-hour week. Ideally, employees will get better pay for the same number of hours.

Workers in the economy, especially those who do not count overtime, will not be subject to this law if it is adopted. However, he said in an interview that it would provide the framework for them to qualify MSNBC l’économiste Primary to Economics and Policy Research Center, Dean Baker.

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In its current form, he said, the bill already covers the majority of Americans.

If this is actually accepted, companies like France, which took a similar path in the early 2000s, will be forced to improve their operations. Unwilling to pay the pay bonus after 35 hours, employers have changed their work environment. The staff is very talented.

Kevin McCarthy, the Republican minority representative and leader in the House of Representatives, instead deserves this “anti-SME” bill, denouncing it as a step closer to the socialist economy in the United States.

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