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Fortnite fans are counting down to the release of update 21.20. The new Fortnite update has a release date of July 6 and a release time of 9AM GMT for fans who live in the UK. The only bad news is that because update 21.20 is a numbered update, the game will be shutting down for server maintenance. Players will not be able to log in from 8:30 AM until the game is completely offline after 30 minutes.

Although there is no official timeline for server downtime, the game is expected to be offline for about two hours. This means that the game should be back online around 11am GMT.

The news was announced by Epic Games on Twitter, along with a teaser about what to expect.


“Would you call that a downtime? Reads an epic tweet.” Update v21.20 is loaded! Downtime begins at 04:00 ET (09:00 UTC), with matchmaking disabled 30 minutes earlier. “

According to Shiina familiar with Fortnite, update 21.20 is expected to bring changes to some important points on the map. Possible competitors are Big Sleepy Sound, Condo Canyon, or Tumbledown Temple.

Fans can also expect new details about summer events, as well as the release of Indiana Jones Battle Pass skins and items.

Needless to say, Epic Games will also be introducing a bunch of gameplay changes and bug fixes, which can be seen in the patch notes below.

Fortnite 21.20 update patch notes…

Major general problems…

• Friend acceptance notifications may appear multiple times at launch for some players

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– Some players may find that they receive multiple ‘friend accepted’ notification popups when Fortnite first launches this season.

The main problems in Battle Royale…

• Cannot access server replays

– Server restart access is no longer available after update to version 21.10. This includes competitive events that have been restarted in the competition tab.

• The seedling icon may be out of place on the map/minimap

– Players can see their seedling symbol in the ocean or outside the actual map and nowhere near where they planted it.

Creative issues…

• Tracking Device

– We are aware of an issue that prevents the Team Tracker from updating properly when multiple teams can use it.

• Prop movers and handlers cannot be placed when they do not interfere with the props

– We’re looking at an issue that causes item movers and manipulators to not be positioned when not overlapping with props.

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