Fortnite: Epic Games is suggesting a major map change

Mysterious tweets warning residents about the invasion of space have appeared in Battle Royale accounts around the world.

Back in the day yesterday, Epic Games enjoyed a little game on Twitter that consisted of giving hints to players It is an electronic game On a possible game change, this would relate to the western part of the map and suggest a major alien invasion In fact, in France, we were able to read the message below.

The same goes for the English-speaking account from which this single message was posted. On the other hand, other accounts, notably the Spanish account as well as the Middle Eastern account, seem to have had additional evidence. Indeed, the message was accompanied by a picture each time, on behalf of a Spanish foreign sign in a field and on behalf of the Middle East of a giant bowl inside a cave.

As for the messages themselves, nothing has changed. So battle royale fans let speculation flow freely and expected either a part of the map to change, or the arrival of a whole new point of interest. However, these images can also only be used to illustrate what Epic Games says with the images in line with the current season.

The season 7 From Chapter 2 already on the subject of alien invasion and he has already known some crossovers on this occasion, notably with Superman – the favorite alien being of heroes – and also with Rick Sanchez From the animated series Rick & Morty.

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