Fortnite and Moncler launch new in-game collaboration with responsive digital wear

Epic Games Present For players, the arrival of the latest means of personal expression It is an electronic game : New fashion collaboration with Moncler ! In the spirit of the mountaintop of the famous fashion house, New sets and accessories will be available at It is an electronic game From November 20 at 1 am

Look for Moncler’s arrival on an island It is an electronic game In the trailer below:

Inspired by la 6 Moncler 1017 ALYX 9SM collection by Matthew Williams Recently launched, new clothes Moncler Celebrate light and shadow. Players can switch between the new dark and light modes, or choose All-new response style Which changes every appearance from light to dark as players gain height. As the player’s height decreases, each appearance changes from dark to light!

The full list of items, accessories, loading screens, as well as clothing, can be found below:

  • Moncler classic set, their clothes Secondly And Rene
  • Ambra tube rear attachment
  • Bush Umbra Ax
  • parachute
  • Top loading screen

“It was very exciting to work with the teams Epic and Moncler to bring the MONCLER 1017 ALYX 9SM set to life in a digital space as vibrant as Fortnite. The new MONCLER 1017 ALYX 9SM set of 6 celebrates the meeting of shadow and light, and the collaboration with Fortnite fully explores this concept. newsletter., Announce Matthew Williams, Creative Director of ALYX 9SM. Digital materials don’t follow the rules of the physical world, allowing us to be more creative with this new responsive outfit, going from light to shadow depending on the player’s height in the game. Like a Moncler born in the mountains, Styles in Fortnite authentically honors this legacy.”

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