Formula 1 will launch a new women’s series

(Abu Dhabi) Formula 1 will launch a new series for women next season.

The series, which will be called the F1 Academy, will be funded by F1 and is expected to feature at least one F1 championship race in 2023.

F1 has stressed that it will fund each single seat up to €150,000, and added that “each entrant will have to provide an equivalent amount, which is a fraction of the usual costs of developing in a similar series”.

The grid will consist of 15 cars, and the season will feature 21 events divided into seven different stages. The series aims to “recruit talented young drivers who are currently in karting or in other junior categories”, with the hope that they can do their classes, be promoted to Formula 3 and one day, perhaps, their place in Formula 1.

The announcement came less than two months after another women’s series, Series W, wrapped its season due to financial problems.

The W Series did not charge a trial entry fee, unlike most development chains that require young aspiring youngsters to be funded by family wealth, private investors or limited partners.

The W series has canceled its last three races in Mexico and the United States, in order to focus on financing the 2023 season. It has yet to reveal its schedule for the next season.

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